Sophisticated Inspection

(Download AC Mould's Equipment List, to view details of our facilities for mold making, injection molding, sewing & post-processing, testing & inspection, assembly.) 

How do we keep good quality?

Automated production minimizes human error

Defect rate statistic control

Zero-outsourcing, everything is controlled in house

Step-by-step inspection

To ensure high quality of products, we take sophisticated inspections all through.

•Each lot of incoming materials is checked and tested;
•Each process is verified at every shift
•Samples from each line is checked at certain intervals
•All Inspection machines/gauges are calibrated regularly
•Each shipment is AQL inspected before releasing.

Main inspection facilities

•Pull Test Machine
•Abrasion Test Machine
•Leak Tester
•Foam Durometer Tester

Find more in our equipment list accessible in download center.