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  • In June 2021, AC Mould (Dongguan) Limited was qualified as “2020 Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credit-Reliable Enterprises” issued by Dongguan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau. "Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credit-Reliable Enterprises" is specifically set up by the Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce to promote the establishment of a social credit system,to standardize contractual behavior, guide enterprises to perform in good faith, operate in compliance with the law. The audit process is ve...
  • The Dragon Boat Festival also known as Duanwu Festival,is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month on the lunar calendar. It is celebrated in memory of QuYuan who was a poet in Ancient China. One of the most enjoyed activities during the Dragon Boat Festival is eating Zongzi. As always,we make "AC Mould tastes" Zongzi together, to celebrate this traditional festival and enjoy the best wishes from each other. Wish all the best to AC members and our customers.
  • “Sharp tools make good wok" -An old Chinese saying goes. The "sharp tools" for AC Mould are our molds & moulding equipment. To increase production capacity, AC introduced new 800 tons injection machine and CNC lathe machine. We expect a prosperous year 2021 with keeping competitive service to our clients.
  • Facing this dangerous epidemic, many health-care workers in the frontline protecting our lives regardless of the danger and hardship.  The safety of frontline medical workers is very worry. SIMPLE Goggles can help protect their safety. Description: Goggles Model Number: AC5001 Brand: SIMPLE  Standards: GB14866-2006 Application: Anti-fog and anti-splashes, non sterile, disposable medical use.
  • During this outbreak of COVID-19, many health-care workers were infected because of poor protection. SIMPLE Face Shield, can help protect their safety. Our product can protect the face in an all-round way, especially for the use of government departments, medical institutions, virus research institutes, laboratories and other indistries to reserve for emergency needs. It is also widely used in various kinds of medical activities requiring face protection. Description: Face Shield Model Number: AC6001 Brand: SIMPLE Stan...
  • With the severe epidemic situation abroad, the demand for masks has increased. Facing this dangerous epidemic, our company emergency launch of face mask production line to help combat the COVID-19. Brand: SIMPLE Proprietary Name: PARTICLE FILTERING HALF MASK Model Number: AC9503 Standards: EN 149:2001+A1:2009 Application: For General Use, protection of non-oily particles Our product is FFP2 Particle Filtering Half Mask, mainly used for personal protection, not for surgical. C...
  • AC Mould holds a solemn ceremony to celebrate the first work day after Chinese New Year. Wish more prosperous business, smooth working, good health, happy life etc.  Everyone has good wishes and enjoys the delicious food.
  • All employees join the party like a big family. We make summary of 2018 and expectation of 2019, play funny games, enjoy delicious foods and wonderful shows. Lucky Draw is the celebrities vodcasts in the party.All the employees who win the draw are expected good luck in 2019. AC Mould also hope to be more united and spirited through the party. 
  • AC Mould's annual team building activity, this year took place in Huizhou, a beautiful city nearby. Very enjoyable trip! nice weather, lots of fun, and interesting team work activities. All the expenses at AC Mould company, as thanks to our dedicated employees. Everybody participated well deserves it.
  • Happy holidays to everyone!  As celebrations for Mid-Autmun Festival and National Day,  and returns to the hard work of our employees, AC Mould prepared gifts for all our workers. Guess what's in the lovely gifts baskets: fruits, mooncakes, gifts coupons,  and sincere thanks letter to everbody written by our boss!