Molds Manufacture

(Download AC Mould's Equipment List, to view details of our facilities for mold making, injection molding, sewing & post-processing, testing & inspection, assembly.) 

Types of moulds we can help:

•Plastic injection moulds

•SMC/BMC Compression molds

Main Fields we serve:

•Automotive (Engine system, air venting system, audio/video system, internal & external accessories.)
•Plumbing (PVC piping system)
•Medical (disposable medical devices, clinical devices, orthopedic devices)
•Electronic appliances

Advanced facilities we possess for mold making:

•Mori-Seki & FUNAC high-speed CNC
•Agiecharmelles EDM
•Precise Wire Cutting

•EROWA Electrodes holder

Mould technologies we are capable of:

•Multi-cavity (up to 128 cavities)
•Hot runner system (Mold Master, Incoe, Husky, Syventive, YUDO)
•Rotating cam sliders
•Collapsible cores
•2-shot molds
•Stack molds


Engineering support we offer:

•Reverse engineering
•Part design/ mold design
•Mould Flow analysis

•DFM & optimal solutions

Global Markets we work with:

•10% domestic
•90% overseas, including North America, South America, Europe.